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"My daughter has a severe food allergy, and that, coupled with several life threatening anaphylactic reactions that required hospitalization, led to anxiety, insomnia, nightmares (when able to sleep), illness, fear of food, hyper vigilance around food, etc. In short, my teen daughter was clinically diagnosed with PTSD, stemming from her food allergy and anaphylactic reactions. We did everything that the Dr's recommended: medical home bound from school, counsellors, acupuncture, conventional western medication, essential oils. But, to no avail. We were at our wits end. I was introduced to Janine, and after explaining the situation, Janine told me she could help. Despite the distance, Janine and my daughter Skyped for her treatment. In one session, my wonderful, sweet daughter was back! I can't adequately describe the feelings of hope and peace, not to mention the health of my daughter that Janine restored. Nightmares, insomnia, fear...gone! From ONE Skype session, Janine empowered my daughter and cured her PTSD. This is nothing short of a miracle! Janine is truly gifted in healing the mind and body - her gift is real - and transcended the miles to cure my daughter. I am so very grateful to Janine and her willingness to share her healing gift with others. It is my sincere hope that those who need healing - mind and body - turn to Janine." 
Peace, Jeanne Goodes, (Happy Mom)
"I was a Marine who spent a year in Iraq and involved in a major battle, experiencing every kind of war trauma a person could. I was complicit in the horror and violence and was in combat virtually every day for a year. I was shattered physically when I was wounded by a rocket propelled grenade blast and suffered several severe concussions. I spent years in physical therapy and psychological therapy. I was followed home by the ghosts of two Iraqis I killed, who took up residence in the basement of my house. I suffered constant nightmares. I met Janine through a mutual friend. Amazingly, a number of events aligned and I was able to have a one to one session with Janine in New York, followed by two more telephone sessions. THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN AMAZING! The rage I felt has cleared, and I am no longer haunted by nightmares or the ghosts. My emotional state has been much more stable, and my stress levels have been significantly reduced. Consequently, my productivity has improved exponentially. I would say that what Janine did, and taught me to do, is MIRACULOUS – but I know it’s not. It’s a latent ability we all have within us to heal our bodies and souls (with a little guidance from people like her), we have the ability to create our reality, and to become one and whole again." 
Lt. Col Michael Zacchea, USMC (Ret), New York, USA
"I have researched and employed a variety of alternative therapies to help combat veterans cope with trauma. Janine’s audio recordings are a great resource for anyone wishing to improve their quality of life, whether they have suffered from a trauma or just want a positive boost. These recordings are very soothing to listen to and provide noticeable positive results in a short time frame." Captain James Bradford Kelly (Army)
"I had the opportunity to receive a healing session from Janine through the internet from the other side of the world. Believe me, distance is not a barrier to being able to benefit from her amazing technique. Her insight and ability to identify and then heal whatever it is that is impeding your health and happiness in life is an incredible experience; Janine is truly a gifted woman."Natalie Ledwell, Best-Selling Author and Mind Movies Co-Founder 
"I have had the opportunity to meet many 'healers' over the course of my life and I believe that Janine is exceptional and that is why so many people, with a huge variety of physical and psychological issues go to her for help. She has an innate ability to get straight to the root of the issue, a rare gift." 
Dr Mah Hussain-Gambles, MBE
"The 21 Day Mind Detox is phenomenal; Janine is one of a kind and her knowledge of healing and spirituality is vast. I had been ill with depression and severe lower back pain for decades. I have tried every treatment available to no avail and had given up hope. She helped me cure and heal both to the extent where I feel like I have a new life. Her abilities are absolutely extraordinary. You only meet someone like this once in a lifetime. I now have a new pain free life thanks to her. If you do one thing in your life I recommend you experience this, you will never look back. I cannot over state the importance of meeting this woman. She is dedicated to healing the world with her work, a true pioneer." David, Stratford upon Avon, UK 
"I had the pleasure of working with Janine at The Hale Clinic. Not only was she an amazing colleague to work with but a top rate therapist. I had several healing sessions with her which I have to say, were profound. I would absolutely recommend Janine." 
Marion Stone, General Manager (consulting), The Hale Clinic, London
"After 18 operations, cancer and a car crash that left me in a wheel chair for 12 months, I was very distressed when my doctor told me I need to have another operation for a hernia in my abdomen. A friend suggested I contact Janine. After the first treatment I knew in my heart that I would not need the operation and we arranged another session 3 weeks later. The second treatment worked to repair the damaged tissues as she held her hands on my body for well over an hour, I could feel movement inside and heat, it was amazing. By the following month my hernia had completely vanished, only 6 weeks after the first consultation when she carried out her 21 Day Mind Detox treatment on me to remove the issues causing the problem. Since then, three doctors have examined me by hand, by sonogram and by magnetic resonance, and all agree that the hernia has vanished, they could not understand it. Janine has a gift and I am very pleased and grateful for her help." Ilona Novackova, Model, Majorca
Before my treatment I was very low and constantly going to the toilet for a pee. It felt like an irritation and I had about 15 urine infections in a year. Mum had died unexpectedly whilst we were all on holiday in America, and it had destroyed me both mentally and physically. I was constantly in tears and felt emotionally and physically drained. A friend recommended I contact Janine for treatment and it was the best thing I ever did. My life is back to normal and since the treatment I've not had any sign of infection. I feel so much happier with life and although still have sad times, Janine helped me come to terms with mum’s death and I feel like a new woman. I can't thank Janine enough, she was amazing. Lisa Burton, UK
"My session with Janine uncovered some deeply held memories which were buried within me - they proved to be a real key to things that had been blocking me in manifesting a major project. Since our session my energy has dramatically increased and everything has been flowing incredibly fast! I'd highly recommend her treatments to cleanse your mind and body of limiting beliefs, so these can be released safely and quickly - allowing you get on with creating your amazing life." Rachel Elnaugh, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Star of BBCTV's Dragons' Den, Speaker, Author
Janine Regan-Sinclair is the REAL DEAL. I have worked with her programs and can personally testify to their effectiveness. What she has developed is above and beyond typical Hypnotherapy. Her works are potent tools for individual advancement and personal development. Since using her programs on a regular basis, I have had the most surprising comments from friends and acquaintances concerning my “light”, and how it makes everyone around me feel great.
Maggi Trudeau, Licensed Nurse, New York, USA
"The 21 Day Mind Detox has changed my life and I am recommending it to my friends because it works on so many levels. My addiction has gone, I have no cravings at all and I think differently, my mind feels clearer. I was so amazed at how quick and easy it all was. I have also had Crystal Ki healing and it is the most powerful healing I have ever experienced. I could feel the microscopic diamond light moving through my energy field and body and I felt so much lighter after the treatment. Her bespoke skin creams and sprays are fantastic. Janine has knowledge of so many areas of the human psyche and the subconscious mind: she even helped me with past life issues that were affecting me in this life. She has created something the world has been waiting hundreds of years for." Meg Mathews, Interior Designer, UK
"Janine is not only a healer and an amazing woman, she also has the ability to scan the body and its energy systems and see where there are any blocks and programming that might be stopping a person from living a full life. Just by being in her presence I felt an expanded sense of consciousness. This was before I had a session!! We are lucky to have Janine in this new age, and I felt that I can talk to her about anything whether spiritual, emotional or physical. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world!" Sadie Turner, Los Angeles, California
“Up until the age of 30 I had always been fit and well with only ever suffering with hay fever during the summer months. Prior to becoming unwell I had worked long days on a busy children’s ward as a Healthcare Assistant and on my day’s off would do promotional/hospitality work, I would train in the gym and had an active social life spending time with friends and family so I was always out and about and generally enjoying life.

Following a compulsory vaccine at work in October 2008 I began to experience many symptoms I had never had before, I’d developed infections, and generally began to deteriorate over the following 2 months. I would have what I referred to at the time as "weird episodes" that would just take over my body leaving me unable to move or speak, I was aware of my surroundings yet things were in a slow motion like state, these episodes began to happen daily with some lasting 40 minutes at a time. 

By January 2009 thing’s had gradually got worse and I was no longer able to be at work, my symptoms had become so bad I was completely wiped out and began to experience a number of other symptom’s. My head felt as though my brain was bursting out of my skull, the pressure was so bad i was unable to bend my head to wash my hair, my heart was beating irregular, I was completely worn out, I was light and sound sensitive and so most of my time was spent locked in a darkened room.

The list of symptoms is endless and after many trips to A&E and doctors, a cardiology referral and eventually a trip to a neurologist who reluctantly discovered I’d been having some form of absence seizures day and night I was put on Epilepsy medication. This only made me worse. I started losing my hair, my appetite and still suffering with the abnormal brain activity. I was no longer in control of my mind, body or emotions and certainly not my life. I was unable to sleep and felt wired but tired constantly. I made the decision to change hospitals and took myself off the epilepsy medication.

Having been referred to a new specialist I explained I wanted to rid my body of the toxins I already felt were in my body before agreeing to try any other medication. I was monitored and sure enough my brain activity started to change, but I was left with many other symptoms that no matter how much I tried just wouldn’t improve. This later resulted in me being diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E/CFS).

Although obviously devastating I also felt relief at finally realizing what was going on with my mind and body. I felt trapped inside my body and was losing my mind, it was as though something had completely taken over me and had changed my whole life and my personality. I was agitated, and lifeless unable to even get out of the house and would struggle to get to the bathroom, you may as well have asked me to climb a mountain, it was like nothing I’d ever experienced. 

I knew it wasn’t an option for me to stay that way, and even though I’d heard how some people had suffered many year’s some up to 30 or more and there was no cure or real treatment I did all I could to be in the best health with was mainly through eating well and supplements but still the M.E just kept knocking the life out of me.

With no hope in sight I decided to give Janine a call and thought even if I can get some relief that would be amazing. 7 years of suffering had taken its toll. Janine was so easy to talk to and during our telephone conversation she told me she could help me, and she booked me in that week. Trying not to get carried away with excitement but still positive that any improvement would be amazing I went along for my treatment. I must have spent 2 1/2 hours with Janine, you can’t help but feel relaxed just from having the treatment but never could I have imagined how I’d feel after. 

I left my appointment and can honestly say that the first time in 7 years I actually felt wide awake, I couldn’t believe it, I got home and wanted to jump around but still in my mind thought it may just be the initial response and may in fact be short lived, but it certainly hasn’t been. Janine has changed not only my life but my family’s also and I will be forever grateful for what she has managed to do for me. My family had to watch me suffer and put up with how I was and I felt guilty for that, Janine has given them relief too by helping me. 

Janine has an amazing gift and has developed a healing therapy that is just incredible, its life changing and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I have referred others to her since my treatment who have all experienced amazing results. Thank you so much for helping me to start living again and not just be alive. Forever grateful, Kelly xxx” Kelly Sercombe, Aged 38, UK
My life before seeing Janine Regan Sinclair… My childhood and life up until I was 18 years of age was fulfilled with energetic activities, I danced every night, I was a part of a running club, I was full of life, and lived life to the max. I never got ill until September 2009 when I came down with a so called ‘’cold’’, just a week before starting university. I tried everything to prevent it getting worse, however this did not happen, it progressed to full on flu. I don’t know how but I managed to drag myself into university each day throughout the first few weeks but I did!! Up until the point where I could no longer get out of bed. I had never felt so ill in my whole life!! I took myself to several doctors and walk in centres for them all to tell me it was ‘’fresher’s flu’’ (what students pick up within the first few weeks of starting university).  

No matter how much I told them I was unable to make it out to party for fresher’s week, they were not having any of it and insisted it was ‘’fresher’s flu’’. I was told the usual, to rest up and drink lots of fluids. I took their advice and told myself to man up, however inside, I knew something was not right. I continued to deteriorate each day, until the point came where my friend who I was living with at the time took me to A&E. That’s when doctors suspected I had viral meningitis. My tests however came back negative. They did not know what was going on with me, all they could put it down to was a viral infection. 

From here I never got any better, I lived my life feeling fatigued, each muscle hurt to the point where I felt like I had been run over by a bus each day, I had such a bad head that all I wanted to do was to put myself in a dark, quiet room and shut myself off from the world. I became agitated at every slight thing, mainly noises and lights. I found it hard to do day to day things; even showering was a difficult task. I constantly felt down, upset, annoyed, agitated, fatigued, pained. Everything that wasn’t me!!

I was referred to the hospital for numerous tests for them to all come back to be negative, HOW? How could this be possible when I felt so ill?! It was frustrating to hear from professional doctors that they did not know what was wrong with me. I felt like I was going insane and that it was all in my head!! (I knew this wasn’t the case, but I did question myself). I then got referred to a M.E/CFS specialist (Myalgic encephalomyelitis and Chronic fatigue syndrome). 

After 7 years of suffering, I finally this year in 2016 got diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. I felt relieved that I was not going insane and that someone believed my pain and suffering. But having a professional inform you that there was no cure for ME and that I’d have to live this life for ever was so hard to accept!! I could not continue to live this way, I wanted the old me back!! 

A close friend had told me about Janine a couple of years ago, however I didn’t feel that the time was right for me to contact her as I didn’t have a diagnosis of anything. I felt ‘silly’. However, this year, I knew I could not continue with this lifestyle. I was pushing the people I loved most away and hated the person that I had become. I knew I needed to get some help!! The time had come and I needed to call Janine. I was nervous as I dialed Janine’s number as I didn’t know if she would be able to help me or not. If she couldn’t, I would have been devastated. 

After briefly informing Janine of my condition over the phone, she told me that she would be able to help me and that she could see me later during that week. I was over the moon!!! Janine made me feel like a person, whereas the professionals I’d been seeing in hospitals made me feel unworthy like I was making the whole thing up. Janine believed me!! I had a mix of emotions, but I was ecstatic at the thought of someone being able to help me, even if it was only a little bit!! 

Later that week, I traveled to see Janine, feeling optimistic about it all but staying positive at the same as I knew this could be the beginning of feeling a lot better. The experience is hard to explain as Janine took me to a different level of consciousness. The healing process that I had took approx 3 hours. From the minute I met Janine, she made me feel at ease, and I instantly felt relaxed. After I came back around, I felt WIDE awake; I didn’t want to get too excited as I thought it was the adrenaline taking over. However, this feeling didn’t leave me, day 1, day 2, day 3…. WOW!

I was told by Janine that it would take 4 weeks for me to feel better. Throughout those 4 weeks, I had a few days where I felt a bit off but this was expected. I was given a tape to listen to for ten minutes each day which would help with my energy levels, and it really did help. Instantly after the 4 weeks was up, I felt like a different person, back to the old me; happy, energetic, and full of life. 

I really cannot thank Janine enough for what she has done to me. My family and friends cannot believe the difference in me, I really am back to being me!! I’ve not been pushing myself too much in case I over do it, however; I went on my first run the other day, which felt amazing!!  Janine’s ability to do what she has done to me is amazing, her name needs to be known and spread across the world to help all those suffering with illnesses. I would recommend Janine to anyone suffering, whether that being physically or mentally. Thank you Janine, for giving me my life back, Ashleigh xox” Ashleigh Robinson, Age 24, UK
I have known Janine for a few years, her work and dedication amazes me!!! I have had several healing treatments, each one has removed plenty of ailments that have been affecting my life at the time. Some of which were linked to past lives, things that I had created to cause issues in this life. I have recently got married, started to feel uncomfortable about being called a wife. Also I did not like being called by my new married surname, after so many years of my maiden name. After my latest treatment, that fear has been removed, I can now admire my wedding ring, as well as my engagement ring, wear them both with pride! Bless you Janine, keep up the excellent work!!! Tina Sands, Complementary Therapist, UK

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