Corporate Consultations

 Corporate Consultations

The performance of your workforce is what makes your company efficient and profitable. In a high flying world how do you keep your team in tip top condition on every level? 

The answer is simple- Crystal Ki - an energy realignment system that re-energizes people, removing the radio frequency waves that create stress and disease. These are the energies responsible for lack of motivation and days lost through illness. A corporate consultation will quickly remove these imbalances and rapidly increase energy levels, giving your workforce the stamina and drive to be the best. Your team's well-being is important, as high performance guaranteed high profits. 

Human beings are made of energy and anything producing electrical energy affects your team and their health. For example, computers, TV's, radio signals and radiation (RF Waves) from cell phones produce negative vibrational toxins, which pollute the human body and bio-energetic field. 

These can be quickly absorbed into the physical, emotional and mental layers, resulting in stress and disease. Time is money and a group consultation requires one conference room and takes only 30 minutes with no invasive evaluations or lengthy documentation to complete; simply a guarantee that your team will be back at their desks rebalanced, ready and able to give you their best- as quickly as that !

If you would like more information, to book a group or one to one consultation please contact Janine.

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