CK Foundation

In 2003 Janine Regan-Sinclair had a vision, a forum for well-being and a place for personal and spiritual development. As a result, she formulated a powerful energy realignment system that changed the frequency of the energy in and around people, land and buildings, uplifting their mind-set and creating positive change on a personal and global scale. 
In 2010 The Crystal Ki Foundation was born, enabling Janine to share important information with the world through her international radio show ‘Cosmic Truth’, Public Speaking opportunities, her books and her ground breaking Self-Help Audios. 
In 2012 Janine wrote and produced a documentary about mental health. She continues to enhance the lives of many and her testimonials speak for themselves. Janine is a visionary, a pioneer in her field, a woman on a mission. 
"To change the world we need to change. We are all responsible as our collective consciousness creates our reality." 
Janine Regan-Sinclair 

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